What is the Meisner Technique? | Charlie Sandlan | Maggie Flanigan Studio

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In this video Charlie Sandlan briefly explains the Meisner Technique that is taught at the Maggie Flanigan Studio.\n

Meisner created a very deep profound improvisational exercise which extends over seven or eight months in the first year that encompasses all the fundamentals of acting. \n

It begins with a very simple repetition exercise. Very simple. \n

Basically it is just two people standing across from each other. I pick up something on you, that exists on you and I have a point of view about it and I say “I like your blue shirt” and just from that little simple thing the other person repeats it and from that very beginning that seed, forces the actor to really start to listen and really start to take in what is being said. \n

This exercise starts to train the actor to respond with a point of view because if you don’t have a point of view as an actor, as an artist, you are dead and you really don’t have anything worthwhile to offer. \n

So the repetition exercise starts to hone your ability to really listen and to start to develop a personal point of view in the moment.\n

For more information about the Meisner Summer Intensive and the Meisner Technique, visit the studio online\n

or call the studio directly\n

Maggie Flanigan Studio
\n153 West 27th Street, Suite 803
\nNew York, NY 10001-6254
\n(917) 789-1599

This video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-lSeab-IfY, can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9vYW3rqJKd9WV6lIl7Je9A.


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